For Organizations and Individuals:

Why are CareerDash students and alumni so valuable?

They're Trained:

Our students have spent 8-12 weeks developing the skills and knowledge employers have asked for in either entry-level recruiting or business sales roles.

They're Committed:

Our candidates aren't falling backwards into these careers. They committed to our programs with their time, their efforts, and their wallets. They know what they're getting into and they're excited about the careers they're embarking on.

They're Actively Seeking:

Our graduates didn't go through these programs to learn about a role. They did it to land the role.

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Business Development Program

Recruiter Program

What are the backgrounds of these students?

We primarily work with adults transitioning from one career to another. Teachers, Nurses, Social Workers, Military Spouses, Retail, Hospitality, etc.

What kind of actual role-specific experience do they have?

Many of our students choose to work for our career center getting real-world experience alongside their training.

Who can post Inside Track Roles?

We're looking to directly connect our students with hiring managers or individuals who have a direct relationship with the hiring manager and value candidates who have gone through our programs.

That means that if you are the hiring manager, an employee at the organization, or a recruiter sourcing talent for another organization, please feel free to post roles.

Is CareerDash recommending my organization to its students?

Not at first - If you're new, your role will simply be included as part of our Inside Track roles.

However - Once we start getting reviews from candidates you’ve hired we’re ready to start recommending your organization to future candidates based on their feedback.

Do I have to disclose the name of the organization that is hiring?

It will definitely help if you do, but you're not required to if you're working on behalf of an agency.

What is required of me?

We ask that you give timely feedback to any applicant or interviewee as part of the process. If we learn that you or your organization leave our students in the dark about the role, we will suspend your account for an appropriate amount of time.